Schedule of Events

On the week of September 8-14, Neighbor Days is partnering with the YMCA and Rapid City Downtown Association for Good Neighbor Days!

Monday, September 8: Coffee Hour at the Y

There will be free coffee served from 5:30-9:00am in the Courtyard. Good Morning KOTA will be hosting a live feed from  5:30-7:00am. YMCA Child Care will be having an art show, entitled “Who are the People in
Your Neighborhood?” at the Dahl Arts Center and the Rapid City Public Library throughout September. There will also be an art show reception at the Dahl from 5:00-7:00pm. Refreshments will be served.

Tuesday, September 9: Coffee Hour at Alternative Fuel

Free coffee being served from 7:00-9:00am Goodies will be given out in the YMCA lobby after 10:00am.

Wednesday, September 10: Coffee Hour at Bully Blends

Free coffee being served from 7:00-9:00am. Diabetic friendly snacks will be served in the YMCA Lobby from 10:30-11:30am. The YMCA Youth Institute will be packing food bags at the Food Bank today.

Thursday, September 11: Coffee Hour at Dunn Bros.

Free coffee being served from 7:00-9:00am. Goodies will be given out in the YMCA Child Care lobby after 10:00am this morning.

Friday, September 12: Coffee Hour at Seattle’s Best

Free coffee being served from 7:00-9:00am.  From 10:00am-1:00pm There will be a ‘veggies swapping table’ set up in the YMCA Lobby. If you have
garden produce that you’d like to donate, swap or purchase, here’s the time and place to do it!

Saturday, September 13: Help Build Willow Park

Join folks from the community and lend a helping hand in building Willow Park at the corner of Lemmon and Monroe St. in Rapid City

Saturday and Sunday: September 13-14: 

Look for ways that you and your family and friends can do for your neighbors!

Neighbor Days can be a potluck block party, an outdoor movie screening to a neighborhood yard sale. The emphasis is on connecting to those who live around you and fostering meaningful neighborhood connections. Gathering your neighbors together, even for one day a year, will provide you with the opportunity to meet new neighbors, get to know your neighbors better, and improve the quality of life in your neighborhood. And, it will be fun! Also, getting to know your neighbors has also been known to help prevent crime and improve community spirit.

What are you waiting for? Register your neighborhood today!



50 Neighborhood Event Ideas

When it comes to connecting with your neighbors, there are many options to choose from. While it’s up to you and your neighbors to decide what kind of event you will plan, here are some ideas to consider:

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